How to Train a Puppy to Stop Jumping

How to Train a Puppy to Stop Jumping on You In 2 Ways

A lot of people ask “How to train a puppy to stop jumping” so we have brought up this article to solve the issue. Mainly, Jumping on people is a natural activity for dogs. When dogs jump, they get to say hello face to face, and even better, they are guaranteed to attract attention. However, jumping to meet is obnoxious and unsafe from a human perspective. Muddy paws can spoil dress and garments, and people, particularly seniors and children, can be knocked over. It is significantly more courteous and a lot safer to teach your dog proper greetings.

Jumping is a behavioral issue which can be solved by keeping focus on 2 things. Situational management and Training your dog. In this article we will explain in detail , How to Train a Puppy to Stop Jumping on you.

Resolving Dog Jumping Through Situational Management

Management entails exerting control over the circumstances to prevent your dog from jumping up. Employ management strategies until your dog has been sufficiently trained to avoid jumping.

Consider the dog who leaps on visitors as an example. To regulate your dog’s behavior before your guest’s arrival, you might perform one of the following:

  • Place your dog in their crate.
  • Separate them into a different room.
  • Please keep your dog on a leash and request that they sit while the visitor enters. Ensure that you reward appropriate behavior.
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This will keep them from jumping as they learn good conduct.

Training Your Dog

Teach your dog that they will not be rewarded for jumping on you or another person. You may turn your back and pet your dog only if all four paws are firmly planted on the floor.

Teach your dog a non-jumping behavior, such as sitting. They cannot sit and jump up simultaneously. They receive no attention if they are not seated.

Consistency is critical. Each member of your family must adhere to the training program at all times. In some instances, you cannot allow your dog to jump on people, but not in others.

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Possess Easily Accessible Rewards

Consider where your dog frequently jumps on humans. Is it the front door once your return? Is it when you’re in the kitchen cooking meals? Is it when they want to greet someone when you’re on a leashed walk? Prepare to take advantage of the training chance wherever or whenever their jumping occurs!

Prepare something to use as a reward for your dog when they perform something correctly. Typically, training treats are the most valuable reward for the majority of dogs. Maintain stashes of sweets in strategic locations. If your dog has a favorite toy, keep it readily available for him to grab and reward him with a game of tug or fetch.

Maintain A Low-Key Attitude

Homecomings and departures are ideal leaping opportunities, as pups want to meet you or prevent you from leaving. Turning your back on some of these dogs energizes them even more, so try ignoring the negative behavior instead. “Ignore” implies that you avoid eye contact, remain silent, and remain immobile like a zombie, expressing no response to foolish puppy behavior.

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Your Dog Should Dance

When your dog leaps to her feet, seize her front paws and spin her around the room. Specific puppies despise this so much that it serves as a sufficient inducement to refrain from jumping. However, when combined with other pups that enjoy the dance, it may reinforce the behavior. If this results in more mouthing and biting of your hands, switch to another tip.

Changing A Natural Inclination

This is not an overnight process. What’s more frustrating is that before the behavior improves, it’s likely to deteriorate. This is referred to as an “extinction burst,” and it is your dog’s final desperate attempt to do the behavior that comes naturally to them to obtain what they desire.

However, remain steadfast in your convictions! If you can apply these tactics regularly over time, you will notice a noticeable difference.

Provide Your Dog with an Object to Carry in His Mouth

Simply holding something in their mouth during a welcome sequence prevents some dogs from jumping. The favorite item varies according to the dog, with some preferring stuffed toys or balls and others choosing long-lasting chews. Another alternative is to purchase pre-stuffed food puzzles. Keep them by the front door and offer one to your dog when visitors come.

What to Avoid

You may have heard of ways for teaching a dog not to leap that involve punishment or an unpleasant activity. A knee to the dog’s chest is one such way. Another technique is to use leash correction—pulling or yanking on the leash—to dislodge the dog. These approaches have various drawbacks:

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If you discipline your dog with your knee or leash too harshly or incorrectly, you risk significant injury.

When you strike your dog in the chest with a knee, you may knock him down, but the dog may see this as you initiating play. Your dog’s response will very certainly be to jump up again and continue the game since you have effectively reinforced the behavior you are attempting to eliminate.

Your dog may learn not to jump up if it is restrained. Given that most dogs are not leashed 24/7, chances are your dog will have plenty of opportunities to jump up while off its leash.


Consistency is critical; humans frequently provide contradictory messages to dogs. Ensure that you never mistakenly or actively reward dogs for behaviors you wish to discourage; instead, lavishly praise and promote the positive! These ways will surely help you train your puppy and will solve the query on “How to Train a Puppy to Stop Jumping”.

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