Best Dog Clippers For Thick Hair

3 Best Dog Clippers For Thick Hair

Every dog requires a good haircut now and then. Who has the time or money to go to a high-priced groomer? When you show up with your dog’s thick coat matted and tangled, the professionals often add a few extra bucks to the bill. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid the hassle of transporting your pet to the salon? Instead, provide him with a relaxing, stress-free environment. Clip your dog’s hair at home and give him a personalized cut while ensuring that he is at ease. We will be discussing about the Best dog clippers for thick hair available for you online.

You won’t be able to brush your dog with just any pair of clippers if he has dense or matted hair. Using cheap or poor clippers on a thick coat will pull your dog’s fur and make them refuse to let you cut their hair again. Formatted or coarse coats, you’ll need heavy-duty dog clippers. In this review, we’ll go over the specifications and features to look for, as well as a few options to get you started.

What to Look For When Buying Thick-Coated Dog Clippers

Clippers have a wide range of functions and features, and not all of them are appropriate for your dog. When comparing clippers, keep your pet’s needs in mind as well as the following important 4 features.

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1- Blade Speed

When grooming a dog with thick or matted hair, a fast blade speed is essential. The clipper might get stuck in the middle of a mat and pull your dog’s hair if the speed isn’t high enough. Look for a clipper that spins at least 3,000 times per minute (strokes per minute).

2- Heat

High-speed blades tend to get hot, at least a little. While lower-speed blades don’t get as hot, they lack the cutting power required to cut through thick coats. Look for clippers that explicitly state that they have some cooling technology, and read the reviews.

3- Noise Level

Dogs’ ears are very sensitive. Clippers that are too loud can easily frighten a sensitive dog. A noise level of 60 decibels or less is ideal. A pair of clippers with low vibrations would also be much more convenient to use for extended periods.

4- Rechargeable battery vs power cord

A collection of strong corded clippers will almost certainly be your best bet for rough, long jobs like trimming matted or thick fur (or multiple dogs in one sitting). To work through dense fur or matting, corded clippers would be able to provide a continuous, steady power supply.

Best Dog Clippers for Thick Hair

Here is our range of the best dog clippers for thick coats which we have lined up for you by our own experience.

  1. Andis Ultra Edge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper
  2. WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers
  3. Wahl Professional Animal Pink Thick Coat Pet Clipper & Dog Clipper

1- Andis Ultra Edge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

On this list, this is by far the most advanced and best dog clippers for thick coats. If you’ve been looking for a new pair of dog clippers, I’m sure you’ve come across this before. There’s a reason for this, and it’s because they excel in what they do.

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They have a detachable blade for quick cleaning and a two-speed setting for the best professional cut. They run on 120 V. The clippers’ housing is also said to be shatterproof. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m trusting the manufacturer’s word and my friends experience on it.

  • Blades that can be removed (compatible with A-5 blades too)
  • Power rating: super duty
  • Skilled clippers that can easily handle thick coats
  • There is only one blade used.
  • When used for an extended period, it becomes hot.
  • 1-speed setting

2- WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

Since lithium-ion batteries power these clippers, you’ll have all the strength you need to reach your dog’s most challenging areas. This is, by far, the perfect dog grooming clipper for a full-body groom. Since the blades are self-sharpening, you won’t have to maintain them as much as you would for other items in this price range. This model also has a rechargeable battery, so you can groom your dog without worrying about the cord getting in the way.

  • Suitable for any breed of dog, regardless of size or hair type
  • Made by a reputable company and designed to last
  • The product has a 5-year warranty
  • Great for full-body grooming
  • When fully powered, it only lasts 2 hours
  • When using, the volume is higher than predicted
  • The handgrip is designed to accommodate smaller hands

3- Wahl Professional Animal Pink Thick Coat Pet Clipper & Dog Clipper

This clippers is designed to do only one thing: provide a smooth cut in the shortest amount of time. Since this clipper is so quiet, you can be assured that your dog will have a stress-free cut, which will make grooming a breeze for you.

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The lower level setting gives you 3000 SPM, which is ideal for targeting areas that don’t need electricity. Labradors, Terriers, Sheep Dogs, Water Dogs, Poodle/Doodles, Maltese, and Long and Thick Coated Cats are only a few of the breeds that this product is ideal for.

  • Grooming and full shave downs are possible
  • For fast grooming, it’s lightweight
  • Exceptionally quiet clippers
  • One year warranty
  • Pink is the only color available
  • Not intended for foreign use (due to power differences), but only for use in the United States!
  • When used for an extended period, blades become extremely hot

Steps on How to Groom a Dog with Thick Hair

Here are a few fast steps to grooming your dog that you can use as a reference.

Step 1: Make sure you have access to all of your resources.

Step 2: Remove Mats and Tangles

Step 3: Pre-bath trimming or clipping

Step 4: Brushing/Combing

Step 5: Bathing

Step 6: Drying


As a result, the market is flooded with the latest dog clippers for grooming. Each of the Clippers other than these have been disqualified. However, I believe that these top three are the best on the market.

If you’re looking for a new set of clippers for your thick-coated dog, look for items that cost more than $50 to ensure you get a decent deal. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to save money to have to cash out due to a poor purchase. Invest in a decent collection of clippers that will last for years.

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