How To Stop a Puppy From Biting When Excited

7 Ways on How To Stop a Puppy From Biting When Excited

When your dog is excited, does your dog pick up your arms, legs, shoes, and even hair with his mouth? It may sound cute and harmless to you, but your guests can be embarrassed, annoyed, and upset. In this article we will guide you on How To Stop a Puppy From Biting When Excited.

For dogs Biting, nipping, and mouthing are common during play, exercise, and when they are overexcited. Some puppies have better behavior; others do not. That is why it is essential to help them get rid of this bad behavior before it becomes destructive and aggressive.

Find out why dogs bite when excited, annoyed and follow our guide to teaching your dog good mouth care! Here are some really interesting and great ways to keep your dog from biting when they are excited.

How to deal with Puppy Mouthing and Nipping ?

Mouthing and Nipping are “harmless” ways for dogs to show their enthusiasm, affection, and curiosity. It’s like a cross-functional team that they use to do , socialize and have fun! They love to explore the world with their nose and mouth.

Dogs don’t want to hurt you when they bite excitedly; they want to get your attention by grabbing your hand, arm, and legs. The pressure is usually light, but that doesn’t mean you suffer from it. The mouthing starts early at an early age of the puppy, but it can (and should!) stop with constant training. It would seem that cute behavior will not bring much pleasure, as their teeth become more robust and they do not learn to restrain their bite.

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So mouthing and nipping should only be dealt with proper training at young age so that it does not linger on as the puppy gets an adult.

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Why do dogs bite when they are excited ?

There are a plenty of reasons why dogs bite when they are excited. Dogs usually do this when they are very agitated or highly aroused. They react to everything by barking, nipping, spinning around and biting.

Here are some reasons why dogs bite when they are excited:

  • Since they are used to fighting their furry friends with jaws, they might think you like it too.
  • They want something to get in the mouth and your arms or legs – these are those things that are more available around them.
  • The mouth is their way of soothing mouth and toothache.
  • They will know that you are responding verbally by giving them attention.

Other causes of dog bites include:

Early calving experiences

Dogs without litter mates are more prone to mouthing than dogs removed from litters before eight weeks of age because they have no siblings to leave. They know they bite too hard; they cannot learn to hold back the bite.

Insufficient exercise and mental stimulation

The excess energy will induce the dog to play with its mouth. Dogs and puppies’ boredom encourages this bad behavior as they try to find ways to involve us in their games.

How to prevent dog bites when irritated ?

Here are some sure-fire ways to prevent dog bites !

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Environmental Management

This is the simplest and most obvious solution. You can tie your dog up before guests arrive in a cage or outside the dog’s door so that it does not get too aroused or excited.

In some cases, you can also try to protect your fingers by wearing a muzzle. However, keep in mind that muzzles can be inhuman if used incorrectly or too often. Reward your dog with many gifts for his calm demeanor.

Leave your dog closed

Let your dog walk through the dog’s gate or stand behind a closed gate for a few seconds. This negative punishment will get rid of the dog’s desires when he does something unwanted. Return after a few seconds and try asking the dog to sit down.

Throwing food on the floor

This is a short-term solution in which you take snacks and spread them on the floor to calm the dog down, rather than reward the dog for not biting you. Then you can start teaching them lessons on how to behave while someone is at home.

Try to be Calm and Boredom

Some dogs try to jump or pinch because sometimes often we also get too excited by swinging our arms. Act as getting bored and your dog can imitate your behavior.

Hand Hovering Method

This is a method that teaches your dog to press his nose against your hand at the right time. To know how to do this watch the video tutorials to see and learn.


If you have a backyard, let your dog relax there and then play with him there. Play hard. Play fetch. As by Dropping the stick. Make him jump while hunting. You can also run or walk together.

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Reward when they don’t bite

This technique, also known as Differential Reinforcement, requires you to reward your dog when the dog does something he cannot while biting you. It is enough just to teach him to sit.

In this you need to be consistent. Do this anywhere, anytime, and in any situation so that they know they must obey you at all times. Do this until they are able to sit down in really difficult situations without distracting them.

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Why You Shouldn’t Hurt Your Puppy ?

It can be said that we shouldn’t punish our puupies, or dogs verbally or physically. However, here are a few reasons why hurting them will not solve the bite problem:

  • Positive punishment is never effective in training and can only cause fear and anxiety in dogs.
  • You can hurt your dog.
  • They can be aggressive towards you.
  • You can ruin your relationship with your dog.

Final thoughts: Get rid of this trouble before it gets worse!

While puppies bite when learning about a new environment, it’s okay, but you shouldn’t let them get used to this behavior in adulthood, or they can harm you or other people and even develop aggressive behavior.

Get rid of this trouble before it gets worse with constant practice, regular exercise, and mental stimulation. Ensure consistency, as bites can occur with prolonged inactivity or lack of exercise.

Hope you like our article ” How To Stop a Puppy From Biting When Excited” and Finally, remember that hurting your dog is not only ineffective but inhumane as well!

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