how to train a dog with a remote collar

2 Best ways on how to train a dog with a remote collar

Some people who aren’t familiar with remote training collars think they’re cruel. In this article we will guide you on how to train a dog with a remote collar. Nothing may be further from reality when used correctly. Remote training collars, also known as electronic training collars, have been around for a long time.

The earliest versions were adopted by working-dog trainers applying for orders from afar. The stimulation settings on those early collars were limited, and it was not very comfortable for the dog wearing it. However, their use as a teaching tool could not be denied.

Dog training collars come in a variety of styles, each of which is useful in various circumstances. In this post, I’ll show you how to train your dog with an electronic collar, also known as an e-collar. E-collars, also known as shock collars, deliver an electrical pulse to your dog’s neck through two tiny prongs on the collar. A remote control device triggers the electric shock, which can be adjusted to various levels depending on your dog’s temperament and sensitivity.

When using an electric dog collar, safety is paramount. When used correctly, experts agree that e-collars are secure. They can be counterproductive and even confuse or frighten your dog if used carelessly. A change in the training culture occurred about 20 years ago, ushering in a gentler approach to training. Remote training collar manufacturers replied, and today’s collars are the product of the gradual evolution.

How should i introduce a dog to a shock collar ?

The first thing you’ll do is familiarize yourself with the features of your new dog training collar and put them to the test. The collar will then be properly fitted to your dog. It’s important to get the right fit. To ensure that the probes contact the skin and do not slide around the dog’s body, it should wear the collar high on the neck between the ears and snug. Just two fingers should be able to fit under the neck.

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Your dog must connect the punishment with the order or undesirable action rather than the e-collar. When your dog realizes that the correction is coming from the collar, he will become “collar-wise.” Meaning that when the collar is on, he will not misbehave, but he will do whatever he wants when it is off.

It is very exciting for both the owner and the dog to start training, but to avoid this; you should let him wear the electric collar for a few days (no more than 8 hours per day) before turning it on so that he gets used to the weight and thinks it’s just another collar like the ones he wears with his tags.

Stimulation Level Setting

To decide the initial training level, determine the lowest stimulation level that will get your dog’s attention. To do so, set the stimulus on the remote to zero, properly fit the collar around your dog’s neck, and allow your dog to explore the training area.

Start tapping on the stimulation button while gradually increasing the stimulation level until he is engaged and not concentrating on you. Your dog will tilt his head, his ears will prick up, or he will send an indication that he feels something at some point. This is the starting point for your preparation.

The level is too high if your dog yelps or bounces. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because your dog is big or small, he or she should be at a certain level; think as each dog is a person. Some people are more responsive than others, and some people learn at a faster or slower pace.

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How healthy habits can be taught ?

Poor habits such as digging in the garbage, biting, and barking can be corrected with remote trainers. They can also be used to teach healthy habits to your dog. Here are four simple commands that your dog can learn easily with the help of a remote trainer.


“Sit” – is a verb that means “to sit.” This basic action can be taught easily, and an implicit “stay” can be added to avoid having to teach a separate instruction. Say “sit” when pressing the sound, vibration, or static stimulus button on your remote control. If you’re using static, make sure the volume is at a level that catches your dog’s attention but doesn’t scare him.

Switch towards your dog with the treat in your other hand, just above his nose. His tail drops as his nose grows. Stop pressing the button when his seat reaches the ground. Repeat with a treat a few times, then delete the reward, so he only hears the remote’s contact.


“Bed” – is a great command to teach because it gives your dog a place to go and stay. It comes in handy when you have visitors or when the pizza delivery guy arrives at your door. With your dog on a leash, lead him to his bed while pressing the relaxation button and saying “bed” or whatever order you want (others include place, home, etc.).

Stop the stimulation when he reaches the designated location. Back away from the area and see how your pet reacts. If he leaves the room, return to him while pressing the button again, and repeat the order until he returns. He’ll soon figure out where you want him to be during that order.

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Have you ever been in a dog park or open field with your pet running around having a ball, only to find yourself screaming to no avail when it was time to call him back ? You can teach your dog to come back to you without saying something using the vibration or beep feature on a remote trainer.

After you’ve taught the sit order, you can easily teach this. Ask the dog to sit and back away from him while he is on a leash. Call him to you by clicking the vibration or tone button while you’re a few feet away. Stop the noise or stimulation as he approaches you and repeats. He’ll soon figure out that the noise or feeling indicates that he can follow you wherever you are.

Heel – Off leash

A dog with no leash etiquette is one of the most popular problems pet parents face. Instead of being dragged around or even dragged to the ground, a remote collar may be used to avoid the pulling completely.

Click the static button and bring your dog to your side to go where you want him while he’s on a leash. Instruct him to “heel” and then turn off the stimulation as soon as he does so. If he starts pulling again, go back to the stimulus to get him to behave.

Your dog will pick up on what you’re asking of him easily. You will get a well-behaved dog with these commands, and they can all be learned in a few weeks time. During your training seasons, try to be careful and comfortable. Treat your pet often and, of course, show them a lot of affection to keep things interesting for them. You’ll notice a difference between your pet’s actions and your relationship in no time.

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