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Best bark collar for long haired dogs | Pets Dog World

Bark collars are used to prevent your dog from excessive barking by operating tone, vibration, and shocks. Now, what if your dog has long haired that create problems for collars? We have the solution. 

In this article, I have reviewed top 10 best bark collar for long haired dogs that is durable, reliable and work ideally on long hairy dogs.     

The long hair and thick fur of your dear pet make the controlling process is an unbeatable challenge. The current collar won’t be enough to make your dog obey your command because the long hair is preventing the collars from working. 

Therefore, read the below description of every product with its pros and cons as these collars will make your dog obey your order without giving them very intense shocks. 

1.Educator BP-504 Bark less Pro

The educator anti-barking collar operates on advanced technology that suppresses barking. It uses a proprietary type of stimulation that helps dogs to limit barking. 

It is an effective and humane tool that stops the excessive barking behavior of your pet without putting much stress. Thus, it is a reliable tool that helps in dog training. 

It has three stimulation modes; tone only, an auto mode, and 8 levels of stimulation. The adjustable bark sensitivity is suitable for small, large, and medium-sized dogs and prevents nuisance barking.  

  • Stress-free stimulation
  • Bark suppression technology
  • Multi-mode features
  • LED light display battery status.
  • Expensive
  • The design is not impressive.

Final words:

Educator E-collar is the humane and effective way of eliminating nuisance barking with the latest bark suppression technology by providing stress-free stimulation.

2.Trulrox Bark Collar No Shock Bark Collar

Trulrox bark collar is another best collar that provides beep vibration without shock. It is suitable for small dogs. The dual vibration motor offers a strong and a gentle vibration 

This collar has five levels of correction. The vibration mode will only activate on barking of one specific kind of barking, not on every bark happening outside. 

The two reflective collars are adjustable. It can be fit for small dogs from 8 to 150 pounds. It contains conductive prongs made of silicon. The silicone protects the skin and coat of your dog. 

  • Do not give false triggers.
  • Silicon prongs protect the dog’s skin.
  • Lightweight and waterproof.
  • Not for aggressive dogs.
  • Require repositioning after every 2 hours.

Final words:

If you are a fan of silicon prongs and want to protect your dog’s skin then this bark collar is the best option for you. 

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3.Dogtra YS600 no bark collar

Dogtra collar has a built-in accelerometer that activates on barking of dog but does not give false triggers from outside noise. The bark indicator let you of the excessive barking of your dog in case stimulation is needed to be increased. 

It offers 10 levels of stimulation that High-Performance Pager. It can be used alone on dogs that offer very clear vibration during dog training.

Further, the advantage of this dog collar is that it can be used for more than one dog. It is waterproof and contains an adjustable belt. It can perfectly fit on dogs above 35 lbs.

  • Contain highly efficient Accelerometer Bark Sensor.
  • Contain a Persistent Bark Indicator.
  • Offers 10 corrections
  • Offers shocks when the dog is done barking.
  • Not suitable for dogs weighing less than 35 lbs.

Final words:

High-Performance Pager offers very clear vibrations that alert dogs during training. Thus, you can use this collar for the training of more than one dog as it is adjustable. 

4.The Best Industries Dog Bark Collar – Effective K9 Collar for Dogs

It is the most reliable anti-bark collars for hair dogs that s suitable for dogs ranging between 10 lbs. or above. It contains an anti-injury chip that prevents your dogs from harmful shocks at the same working best on low voice bark detecting technology.

This dog’s collar comes with three working modes and five levels of adjustable sensitivity. The vibration, beep, and very gentle shock mode effectively terminates the irregular barking of your dogs. The plus point is this collar is equally effective on types of dogs’ breeds and every size whether small, medium, and heavy dogs. 

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Further, it has a digital screen that displays training modes and the sensitivity of shocks thus increasing the safety of your pet. To perfectly stop the barking, you can choose the training mode according to the behavior and nature of your dog. Thus the adjustability feature of this collar makes it a perfect choice for every owner of a dog. 

To further enhance the safety of your dog, this collar contains a built-in bark collar receiver without shock.  The automatic mode deactivates and resumes after 1 minute.  

It is made of a waterproof material which makes it a perfect choice for every weather condition. It can be used outdoor and indoor, however, it is recommended to remove the TBI Pro shock collars during swimming.

  • Suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs.
  • Suitable for the indoor and outdoor environment.
  • Adjustable sensitivity level.
  • Contain digital screen.
  • Built-in no shock collar has an automatic mode for safety.
  • It can stop the growth of hair around the neck of the dog.

Final words:

These collars have adjustable levels for small, medium, and large dogs ranging between 5 lbs to 120 lbs. and can fit neck size between 9-22 inches. Therefore, it is recommended to dog’s owner who has different breeds and sizes of dogs.

5.Dogcare Bark Collar

Have you ever felt bad for the accidental shock of the false trigger to your dog? With dogs care strict control, there will not be any accidental shock because the dog care provides shocks with the dog’s voice is loud enough and close to the neck. 

This shock collar has an extra security mode. It stops working if there is no response from dogs for a long period. Thus, it is aligned with the pet community. 

This bark collar is designed for heavy dogs. The adjustable sensitivity level is customizable according to every dog’s neck and size requirement. 

It has humane training modes that control the uncontrollable barking behavior of hairy dogs. The progressive training mode with adjustable levels helps to stop barking.    

Further, it comes with a battery indicator and a long-life battery. The power consumption is very low thus this battery work for long hours. 

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Humane training modes
  • Low price and long-running battery.
  • Auto-off smart detective feature.
  • Five sensitivity levels.
  • It is not waterproof.
  • Not suitable for smaller dogs.
  • It picks only very loud barks.

Final words:

If you want to keep your dog safe from accidental shocks, Dogcare Bark Collar is the perfect choice as it has a strict control center on the neck strap and automatic mode for extra security. 

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6.NPS No Shock Bark Collar for Small to Large Dogs

Another handy anti-barking collar in our list of top 10 best collars is NPS No Shock Bark Collar. It has a smart microprocessor that detects barking and increases the intensity accordingly. So remote is not needed for controlling dog rather the intensity increase automatically until the dog stop barking. 

It is a painless collar that is shock-free. Thus, it is the perfect choice for dogs because it trains your dogs and eliminates unwanted behavior without giving intense shocks. 

For your relaxation, this collar seven levels of intensity within one minute. Thus, it is an effective tool to train your dog without giving any trauma. 

It is a highly waterproof product made of nylon that works in every environment. 

This collar is designed for dogs that fall between 6 to 120 lbs. the neck size can be adjusted between 8 to 25 inches. Thus it can be used for a variety of dogs. 

Further, this collar does not offer any false trigger which most collars do that only leads dogs to confusion. Dogs can be trained that is triggered only by barking. 

  • Painless
  • No shock
  • Triggered only by barking
  • No false triggers
  • Does not require a remote.
  • It activates when other dogs barks in the surrounding.
  • The prongs are of the old version

Final words: 

If you can’t carry a remote everywhere this is the ultimate option for you because it does not need a remote control. It contains a microprocessor chip that activates only on the barking of your dog. 

7.STOPWOOFER No Shock Bark Collar for Dogs

STOPWOOFER is another collar on our list that is without shock. It comes with seven levels of correction and it turns off if the dog is still barking. It offers two types of vibration contacts that are suitable for both short haired and long haired dogs. 

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This painless collar is suitable for small, large, and medium dogs. The two reflective strips are adjustable between 6.7 to 21.65 inches. 

It contains a smart chip that can differentiate among all types of barking thus preventing your dogs from getting g false correction. 

This dog collar can even work when you are not home. It automatically adjusts the stimulation levels until the dog stops barking. 

Final words:

It will eliminate your dog’s behavior of barking at passing cars or passengers and other dogs. The seven levels of stimulation are recommended for long haired dogs and short-haired breeds. 

  • Can recognize the barking of different dogs.
  • Strips are adjustable.
  • Helpful for dogs in your absence as well.
  • It does not work on shepherded.
  • Sometimes gave false correction.

8.Bark Collar No Bark Collar Rechargeable Anti-bark Collar 

This bark collar comes with two modes shock and without shock vibration. The reflective belt is adjustable so it can be used for small, large, and medium-sized dogs. 

Unlike other collars, this dog collar activates only on the loud barking of your dog, not on dogs in nearby surroundings. 

It is waterproof and rechargeable. It also contains a safety mode that stops working when triggering seven times within a minute and reactivates after two minutes.

  • No remote
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with shock and without shock vibration.
  • It goes off randomly.
  • This collar can’t be used for more than one dog.

Final words:

This bark collar works precisely without a remote. It activates only on the barking of your dog. 

9.PetYeah Dog Bark Collar

The new testing model has made it easier to ensure your pet’s safety before putting this collar on your dog’s neck. 

The receiver has three modes of training, beep, vibration, and shock and the levels can be adjusted between 5 levels. 

The microprocessor chip filter unrelated barking and can be adjusted on one specific bark so that to avoid false triggers. You can adjust the static levels according to your dog. 

This dog collar has two modes; shock and non-shock. In shock mode, it continuously provides shock until the dog stop barking while in non-shock, shocks are provided in six steps with two minutes rest in between. Thus, it offers a variety of training modes. 

The advantage of this collar is that it is suitable for all kinds of dogs ranging between 8l- 120 lbs. it means it is not suitable for very small dogs. The strip is adjustable between 8 to 24 inches. 

The reflective strip makes it easier to find the dog in dark as well. 

Further, it is rechargeable, can be fully charged within two hours, and stay for almost 10 days of continuous use. The waterproof material can also be used in rainy weather as well. 

  • Can recognize different dogs barking.
  • The battery stays for long hours.
  • Reflective and adjustable strips
  • Suitable for dogs up to 120 lbs.
  • Not suitable for very loud barks.
  • Might cause painful shock.

Final words: 

This bark collar has dual anti barking modes; shock and without shock. It works best for training dogs and eliminating unwanted behavior. 

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10.Dog No Bark Collar with Smart Detection Vibration 

This anti-bark collar also operates on a microprocessor chip. The intelligent identification chip filters all other unrelated voices and protects your dog from getting false triggers. 

The receiver contains a digital display that clearly portrays all modes; beep, vibration, and shock. These modes can be adjusted between 7 levels. These levels of sensitivity are suitable for every type of environment.

The testing model has made it easier for you to adjust the shock and vibration according to your dog’s intensity. 

This dog collar has two modes and it offers a variety of training modes; shock and non-shock. In shock mode, it continuously provides shock until the dog stop barking while in non-shock mode, shocks are provided in six steps with two minutes rest in between.  

  • Intelligent Dual-Mode; shock and non-shock.
  • Automatic Protection System.
  • 7 levels of sensitivity.
  • It goes off spontaneously.
  • Provide Inconsistent shocks and vibrations.

Final words:

The two modes shock and non-shock provide you the freedom to adjust the training mode according to your dog’s needs and personality. 

Buying guide

The job of a good quality barking collar is to prevent dogs from barking. Most of the collars do their function really well while some fail if your dog has long hair around the neck. Either you need to trim the long hair or buy a collar that has a large contact point so that to work well. 

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Before buying any collar whether it is ultrasonic, vibration collars, static collars, sound bark collars, spray collar, shock collar, or non-shock, consider some factors that are life saying. 


The first thing you need to consider is the durability of the product. Many customers complained that the collars stopped working after a few months of use. A product made of high-quality material will stay longer even years of functioning, it won’t stop its work. Therefore it is wise to invest once for all. 


A waterproof collar has a plus point over a collar that become malfunctioned when put in water. Pets are not like humans who can protect themselves from water. If the dog gets in rain or a swimming pool, it is risky to have a non-waterproof collar because it might cause inconsistent irregular painful shocks. Therefore, always prefer a waterproof collar. 

Weight of the dog:

Most of the collars are designed according to the weight of the dogs. Always buy collars that are the best suit your dog’s weight. Because if you put a heavy collar on a small dog or a very small circumference collar over a heavy dog, it will make your dog uncomfortable. 

Before buying any collar for your long hair dog, go for a lightweight collar because it will not make you irritating. 

Sensitivity adjustment:

A collar with high sensitivity adjustment is highly recommended. Some collars have the maximum level of adjustment. It helps you in finding the best suitable sensitive level for your dog. If a collar doesn’t have an adjustment feature for sensitivity, go for other options.

The benefit of adjustment level is to make collar work wonders on the barking behavior of dogs while at the same time preventing your dog from getting very intense painful shocks. 

Neck circumference of your dog:

Before buying any collar, it is important to measure the circumference of the neck because most of the collars are designed according to the measure. If you purchase the wrong collar, it will irritate your pet, therefore, it is wise to have a measurement of the neck and purchase a little loose-fitted collar so that dog can breathe easily. 

Correction methods:

There are main four types of correction methods used in dog collars; beep, vibration, shock, and spray. Beep mode enables your dog to listen to you and vibration distracts the dog from barking. The vibration and shocks help in correcting unwanted behavior. 

Every collar has some correction levels some combine two while others combine three modes of connections. Some collars offer sound, shock, and vibration setting all in one set while other only work on sound and vibration. 

You need to choose between them based on your preferences. However, you need to lowest in case you made using shock because intense shock is not only inhumane but also can make your dog wilder.  

False Triggers:

Another factor to keep in mind is to prove the collar against false triggers. Most of the collars for hairy dogs work on microprocessor chip which activates on barking. Sometimes these chips fail to recognize the barking of your dog and get activates on loud noise from the surrounding. False triggers confuse dogs in training. Therefore, you need to ensure the collar that it should have a recognition filter so that to prevent false triggers.    

Frequently asked questions

1: What is the best collar for long haired dogs?

Rolled collars are considered is the best collars for long haired dogs because they don’t cause hair loss while some flat collars might do. Rolled collars don’t tangle and create a smooth coil along the length without irritation. 

2: Are bark collars safe for dogs?

Bark collars are used to tame wild pets. There is no threat is using bark collars unless you don’t use any intense shock that is beyond your dog’s capacity. 

3: What is the most effective bark collar?

Some of the most effective dog collars include;

  • PetYeah Dog Bark Collar
  • Dogcare bark collar
  • Educator BP-504 Barkless Pro
  • NPS No Shock Bark Collar

4: Do ultrasonic bark collars work?

These collars deliver an unpleasant stimulus when the dog is barking. The stimulus is in the form of an ultrasonic noise, a loud noise, a spray of citronella mist. It is even an electric shock that is painful.


If your dog’s long hairs are a hurdle between you and your pet, you need to purchase such a product that works wonders even your dog has thick fur. To prevent your dog from unnecessary barking, an effective, humane, and high-quality product with the maximum level of sensitivity is recommended.

A lightweight and affordable bark collar with a shock or without shock feature that has potential to sense your dogs barking is the perfect choice to go for. Consider needs and personality of your dog then purchase the suitable bark collars. Hope you liked our article about ” Best bark collar for long haired dogs”. If you have any suggestions do let us know. Happy shopping !

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