How To Stop Dog Barking At Night Outside

12 Ways On How To Stop Dog Barking At Night Outside

Dogs are human-friendly animals, and dogs are helpful because they help us in different ways. For example, when a thief breaks into our house, the dog warns you by barking. Even though they are lovely creatures, but sometimes they do bother us. Many people have question about How To Stop Dog Barking At Night Outside. So we have come up with solutions to make dog owners life easier.

Dogs may decide to bark for no reason, especially at night, thus disturbing their surroundings, this is one of the most unpleasant things dogs can do, but since there are several ways to prevent it, barking is not a concern; you can control them in many ways.

However, to stop dogs from barking at night, you need to understand the cause of their barking. So, let’s start finding why your dog bark at night and how to stop it from barking.

Why does my dog bark at night?

There are certain things due to which dogs bark at night outside. We will discuss in detail why dogs bark at night.

1- Boredom

When dogs are bored and have nothing to do, they will be happy on their own. They will bark almost on everything they hear, and they may also bark because other dogs are barking in the neighborhood.

2- Noise

Dogs have perfect hearing; unlike us, they can hear noises that we cannot hear. So when you are resting and do not know what is happening outside, your dog hears everything. Make sure that when dogs bark, they will hear people near or far.

3- Wildlife

At night, the dogs can hear and see wildlife that you can’t even see. They are very good at hearing sounds and movements that humans rarely hear. So when your dog barks at night, it could be due to wildlife. It doesn’t have to be an animal like a lion; it could even be a deer or a squirrel.

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4- Other Dogs

Your dog may bark because other dogs in the neighborhood are barking. This is called group barking when one dog hears another dog barking, and he also starts to bark. There must be a reason why the neighbor’s dog barks and your dog just barks.

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5- Intruders

You may hate your dog when it barks from time to time, but when it comes to permanent barking, you shouldn’t ignore it. It could be a sign of danger and possible intrusions into your home. You will be able to identify how your dog barks, when it is in danger, or when it needs attention. You could also use a fence to eliminate this behavior.

6- Sick Illness

Dogs can bark when they are sick, but most of us do not realize this. If you look at your dog’s barking, you can tell when it is sick and when it is in danger.

7- Dogs At Older Age

Older dogs tend to bark a lot due to health problems, and barking is the only way to express their pain. Old age can lead to deafness, and when a dog is deaf, it barks a lot.

8- Attention Seeking

A dog can only bark when it needs your attention. They bark, especially when they are locked up somewhere and need to go outside or play. They also bark a lot when dogs are hungry.

9- Territory Defense

Territory defense dogs can bark when people or animals enter in their territory, and this is very common. Dogs bark excessively when someone tries to cross their territory, while people or animals get close, and the barking intensifies. Barking makes your dog very aggressive. You can also use a smart sign to ward off any potential danger.

10- Play

There are several ways a dog can bark, when it is in danger, when it needs attention, when it is hungry, and even when it is playing. Dogs often bark when they are happy or greet people, which is called happy barking.

11- When Dogs Need To Go To The Bathroom

It depends on how you trained your dog. Some dogs tend to bark when they want to relieve themselves, so they are taught not to let themselves in.

12- Psychological Training

If you have a dog that makes a lot of noise and doesn’t seem ready to stop barking, you should try psychological training. Psychological training can solve a problem in a short time. You can teach your dog a few things, for example: How to play the piano, how to aim at something, teach them tricks, look in the eyes, and more.

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How To Stop Dog From Barking At Night?

These are the handful way and technique by which you can train your dog to stop barking at night.

1- Let The Veterinarian Check It

The dog may bark due to illness, and you are forcing him to stop barking; it will not work because the dog is in pain. So when your dog suddenly starts barking at night, the first thing to do is call a veterinarian to check his health. Mostly older dogs have many health problems, so it is advisable to see a doctor if your dog is older.

2- Try To Find Out What Is Causing The Barking

Dogs can’t just bark for no reason, and before thinking about how to stop barking, you should try to figure out what might be causing the barking. Dogs are susceptible; they can see and hear anything, At night, in the evening.

He may even bark because he saw another animal pass through the enclosure. Knowing the reason for your dog’s barking is essential. This is especially true when your dog never barks at night, but suddenly he starts barking for two days in a row, which means something may be causing your dog to bark.

3- Ignore

Sometimes dogs do not bark because they saw an intruder or something else. They just need your attention, so every time they bark, you should ignore them. If you teach them this way, they will know that barking is not for you. But if you keep watching, every time they bark, they will get used to their habit and never stop.

Don’t look at him, touch him or talk to him, although the barking won’t be easy to ignore. If you want success, just wait until he stops barking, if he barks for an hour or more, you can tell him to shut up, and next time, he will even bark for two hours.

4- Feed Your Dog Good

Your dog may have a comfortable sleeping space but cannot fall asleep due to hunger. Remember that to avoid nighttime discomfort for your dog. It would be best to feed the dog long enough when he goes to bed; they will sleep, not uncomfortable. Why do you want your dog to be hungry? Remember that when your dog is malnourished, it may go to your neighbor’s house searching for food, as some people do. Loving dogs can hurt you.

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5- Keep It Tired

Ensure your dog has daily exercise and mental well-being. When you’re done, the dog will be tired and ready to rest, the tired dog won’t bark for no reason.

6- Provide A Comfortable Place To Sleep

One of the reasons dogs bark at night is because they are uncomfortable sleeping. Your dog sleeps outside because sometimes it is too cold for him to resist. Put your dog to sleep in a comfortable bed and let him sleep indoors if possible, but if this is not possible, there are several ways you can try to keep your dog’s clothes warm.

7- Co-operate With Trainer

When the barking is too strong, and you are not in enough posture to keep the dog from barking, you may have to do one thing and hire a handler. Sneakers are expensive, but because they are the only option. You have to sacrifice yourself; good coaches, when it comes to this kind of work, they are able to identify the problem and prevent it as soon as possible.

8- Teach Silence Command

After you have taught your dog the command to speak, move on to the following command, the silence command. Take your dog to a quiet place and ask him to talk, and when he starts barking, just shut up and sniff his nose. Once you’re done enjoying the treat, this routine will help your dog behave well.

9- Don’t Calm Your Dog Down

If you calm your dog down every time it barks, it will get used to this habit, so don’t react to its barking unless it’s serious.

10- Increase The Amount Of Exercise For Your Dogs

You have to give your dog some physical activity; always make sure that you walk with him. By the time you return, he will be tired and ready for sleep. Inactive dogs tend to bark often.

11- Teach Your Dog To Relax

Exercise alone cannot calm the dog down. It would help if you taught your dog to relax. Teach your dog to lie on a towel or something warm if he is tired and has a warm place to rest.

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12- Don’t Let Them Out Of The Confined Space

Most dogs bark because they want to be released. When they do, you should ignore the dog; they always know that you will release them every time they bark. This will not be easy. Remember that the barking will increase, but you should try to assume as much as possible.


There are many ways on “How To Stop Dog Barking At Night Outside” but it all depends on how you train your dog. The most easiest way to Train a dog is to adopt it at a very young age, and train them accordingly.

Do let us know with your feedback so we can improve our love for dogs further.

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