Homemade Dog Deodorizer

4 Types Of Homemade Dog Deodorizer

Whether your furry buddy has an unsightly odor or not, it is our responsibility as pet owners to provide deodorant for our dogs. Occasionally, you may bathe your dog properly but still, notice that he has that “wet dog smell.” However, rather than bathing regularly, you can apply deodorant to create a pleasant scent that’s ideal for cuddling with your canine buddy. And hat is better than a Homemade Dog Deodorizer.

Dog deodorizer leaves your dog’s skin and coat smelling fresh and clean throughout the day. Simultaneously, it makes the fur appear silky and shiny. Homemade dog deodorant is incredibly simple to make and has no chemicals or hazardous materials.

The following are the simplest recipes and instructions for creating your Homemade dog perfume Deodorizer in a matter of minutes! Each substance is completely safe, natural, and hypoallergenic for pets. They are quite effective at eliminating unpleasant odors from your dog without causing irritation or distress to your pet.

Homemade Deodorants

It’s difficult to keep your greatest friend nearby when he smells like a dog—even if he is a dog. You can eliminate the irritating odor by preparing a simple doggy spray deodorizer that you can use in between showers or whenever he smells funny.

There are 4 types of Homemade Dog Deodorizers which you can make for your dog at home. These are discussed as under:

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1- Apple Vinegar Deodorant

Despite its pungent odor, vinegar is an extremely effective deodorizer. After the intense aroma wears off, vinegar leaves your dog smelling clean and fresh. It can be used undiluted or diluted with equal parts of water. Mist your dog well and allow him to air dry naturally.

2- Lavender Deodorant

Lavender has a pleasant, relaxing perfume and, when blended with other essential oils, can help eliminate your pup’s foul doggy odor. The way to make one is as follows.

One cup distilled water, 10 drops lavender oil, 6 drops peppermint oil, and 6 drops orange oil Shake well before each usage and mist your dog lightly. While spraying, keep your dog’s eyes covered and avoid applying the deodorant on his head.

3- Geranium Deodorant

Not only would Geranium oil freshen your dog’s breath, but it may also help repel fleas. To make the solution follow as above. 1/8 cup distilled water, add 10 drops of geranium oil and 6 drops of lemon oil. Combine and spritz on your pup.

Add ten drops of French lavender oil to this combination to create the aroma of a floral bouquet. Avoid spraying this mixture directly on the head of your dog.

4- Citrus and Eucalyptus Deodorant

While eucalyptus oil can leave your dog feeling fresh and clean, it cannot be used in its entirety on your pup’s coat. Combine it with citrus and water to create a completely safe dog deodorizer. Add 10 drops of eucalyptus oil and 6 drops of bergamot, and 2 drops of lemongrass oil to 1 cup distilled water. Shake thoroughly and sprinkle your dog lightly, avoiding his head.

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How to maintain a pleasant odor on your dog in between baths?

While regular house cleaning and vacuuming might help, but you need to address the odor problem for your dog. So, if we should not bathe our beloved pet more than once a month, how can we minimize odors between baths?

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There are numerous options available to us:

  • Provide a ‘dry’ shampoo for your dog. This would entail sprinkling baking soda or cornflour on their coat to absorb oils and sweat.
  • Make use of a dog spray. These are available at the most reputable pet stores. Simply mist and rub.
  • Make your dog spray. This is a less expensive option that avoids the use of chemicals.
  • Maintain a fresh scent in your dog’s bed at all times.

Why would you want to create your dog odor eliminator spray?

There are various reasons why I choose to make my dog odor spray instead of purchasing one.

1- No Synthetic Compounds

Shop-bought dog sprays frequently contain chemicals that are potentially harmful to your pet, such as phthalates and parabens, which can cause dry, itchy skin.

Bear in mind that any canine odor spray will inevitably find its way onto your skin and into your lungs.

2- Cheaper

Naturally, making your own is far more affordable. My approach requires either a one-time purchase of a spray bottle or the recycling of an old bottle.

3- Sustainable

Because the spray bottle is reusable, no plastic is wasted, and no energy is expended by carrying it to the store or your home.

4- Convenient

Making your own is just as convenient as purchasing from a store. Once you have the bottle and oils ready, it only takes a few minutes.

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The 7 Best Essential Oils for Pets

Pets, like humans, will react differently to essential oils. Observe your pet’s reaction to essential oil, as they are often allergic to citrus essential oils. Apply away from the eyes, nose, anal, and genital areas.

  1. Chamomile, Roman is a good muscle pain reliever. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic.
  2. Eucalyptus is beneficial for muscle aches and respiratory difficulties. The oil dilates the airways and alleviates congestion. Additionally, it provides a soothing effect.
  3. Helichrysum is beneficial for skin disorders and irritations, and pain alleviation. It’s quite therapeutic.
  4. Lavender is a gentle antimicrobial essential oil. Additionally, it acts as a nerve relaxant, is a natural insect repellant, and can treat skin irritations.
  5. Niaouli is a potent healing agent that is less prone to irritate the skin. It is antihistaminic, making it ideal for skin conditions caused by allergies.
  6. Peppermint is an excellent remedy for rheumatoid arthritis, dysplasia, sprains, and strains. It stimulates both the circulatory system and the mind.
  7. Sweet marjoram is highly antimicrobial and acts as a sedative and muscle relaxant. It is beneficial for bacterial skin infections, wound treatment, and insect repellant.
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You can buy all of these essential oils from the links given above. I will get a share of your love and appreciation for this article in shape of small commissions. Thank you in advance !!

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Nothing, can keep your dog as clean as a bath. However, deodorants are an absolute necessity that complements the daily bathing practice. Nobody enjoys the scent of wet and dirty dogs, which is why the deodorizer helps prevent nasty odors from lingering. It assists in refreshing your furry buddy following a long walk or plays session.

You can use the solutions listed above to eliminate pet odor at home. Your homemade deodorizer will keep your dog smelling fresh for weeks without needing to reapply. It’s inexpensive and allows you the option of selecting the most appropriate and enticing scent for you and your dog.

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