Can Shock Collars Cause Brain Damage

Can Shock Collars Cause Brain Damage ?

Dogs are the most incredible creatures on the face of this planet having the genes for loyalty and sincerity and on top of it the best friends of the human beings. People tend to adopt them and pamper them like their babies. They nurture them, feed them and train them according to their lifestyle.

Although people love dogs, they don’t like their certain habits like barking persistently, spoiling things in the house. Due to some unwanted habits of dogs, people happen to use a training technique called Shock Collars. Shock collars are for controlling the pet peeves of your pets including littering anywhere, yapping etc. But the main question all pet owners ask is ” Can Shock Collars Cause Brain Damage “.

Shock collars can train your dog but it can give severe effects on your dog. As it is pertaining to electric shocks. Just imagine getting electric shocks, isn’t imagining give you goosebumps? Then how an innocent creature can bear without getting harmed. You should know how imperious it is to be congenial with the speechless animals.

Why the dog keepers use Shock Collars?

Shock Collars are used on purpose and we cannot complete deny the fact that shock collars are culprits of dogs. These have some benefits as well but that are of least significance because of the cons. The disadvantages dominates as it becomes a matter of health for dogs so shock collars are regarded as ruthless tool. However, let’s have a look that why the keepers use this :

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Intensity Can Be Adjusted

The majority of current shock collars include a warning beep or vibration mode and customizable shock levels. This can be reassuring for individuals who are debating whether to use a shock collar. Other collars, such as spray collars that deliver a harmless but foul-smelling blast up the muzzle of a dog, are typically not adjustable.

Rapid Results

According to several pet owners, its only required a few shocks to correct an unpleasant behaviour in their dog, and the beep or vibration served as sufficient warning after that (for us, we never even needed the shock at all). Shock collars can also be extremely successful at keeping your dog on your property, which keeps them safe while allowing them to roam freely. Naturally, more stubborn canines may require more time to teach.

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Problems related to Shock Collars

Due to use of this external device , it has negative impact on dog. Some effects are apparent physically while others are impacting mentally. We will further elaborate on this as under:

Shock Collar

Horror and Resentment

Shock collars are a nightmare for the dogs as they cause them pain. Due to the shocks the dog can start fearing its owner. It is because when the shock is given, dog often sees the owner in the vicinity, due to which, it associates the shock with the owner presence and thus may feel terrified and run from the shock treatment. Misuse of the shock color or untimely shocks can also induce the feeling of fright and resentment in the dogs which may lead to panic attacks.

Aggressive Behavior

Shock color can do more harm than good because of its ability to trigger panic attacks in dogs. They can consider shock collars as stressor and as a result dogs experience anxiety and stress. Consequently, the stress leads to aggression and bellicosity. He will start showing aggressive behavior towards the master, fellow dogs or may lose temper in the public. So, in this way shock collars instead of controlling the bad behavior can induce it more.

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Negative Reinforcement

According to psychology, negative reinforcements are given as punishments for any mistake. But dogs don’t do any mistake. There are several ways based on positive reinforcements which can change the behavior of the dogs and they may stop barking. Shock collars being a negative reinforcements cause pain, gives stress and anxiety, induce aggression, fear and dismay. They also start fearing their owners, all these points depict that in case of dogs, shock collars as negative reinforcements don’t work at all.

Cause Pain

Chastening the dogs with aversive stimulus will hurt them. It is often justified as shocks are mild and given for short interval but they are painful and aching. Although, the extent of pain cannot be determined, the dogs do suffer due to shocks. It was also even observed that, some people give them shocks at such high levels. For example a person use to give shocks by tronics classic 70 and the level of the shocks were sustained at number 6. This is just for self-satisfaction and in common words it is labelled as cruelty and insensitivity.


Besides torturing the dog mentally, by inciting fear and giving them stress, shock collars are physically abusing as well for the dogs. The shock collars are designed in such a way that they are damaging for neck. When the shock collars remain present on the neck for long time it can cause injury in the area. And sometimes, the injury becomes infectious and can spread toxicity in the neck region. Shock collars, as well as pinch collars, are bad for the dogs and can cause serious harms both physically and psychologically. It can damage the trachea, whiplash and spinal cords problems, all are associated with these pathetic collars.

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Questions pet owners always ask :

Can Shock Collars Cause Brain Damage?

Shock collars are a cause of great pain for the dogs giving them serious tension. Although shocks are not good but there is no study found that shock collars cause brain damage. However, shock collars in the long term can become one of the causes of the brain damage but no direct effect is found till now.

Are shock collars able to cause seizure to dogs?

Shocks are meant to change the temperament of the dogs and thus to change the natural behavior like barking. These changes can also change the internal system of the dogs. Due to shocks, the respiration, breathing pattern and heartbeat can increase which may lead to stomach problems. Not endorsed by any scientific study, but it is seen that dogs suffer seizures when the shock collars are used for long time.

What should be the time duration for shock collars?

Shock collars are not meant to stay forever on the dogs’ as collars. You can use them on and off.  It is suggested that you don’t keep the collar on the dog’s neck for more than 10 to 12 hours. Also, to avoid injury and infections, keep rotating the shock collar after every 2-3 hours.

Are Vets in the favor of shock collars?

Shock collars are designed for a good purpose and that is to keep the dog safe by changing the unwanted behavior. As per Vets, if the shocks are mild, then the shock collars can be used. But if the shocks are of great intensity, the shocks collars are not recommended. Instead of the shock collars, they prefer vibrating collars as they don’t cause any pain to the dogs.

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Shock Collars are pain-inflicting devices for the dogs but when used the adequate amount of e-shocks, it is feasible to use the Shock collars. These don’t cause any brain damage directly, safe to use in that regard. So the answer to most pet owners question “Can Shock Collars Cause Brain Damage” is that it does not cause any brain damage according to experiences.

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