How to use a shock collar to stop jumping

How to use a shock collar to stop jumping

It is almost the nature of every dogs to jump on their owners when they are excited. We cannot say the same for others who are not so well aligned with your dog, although you need to give them your love and attention. You have to train your dog’s behavior that not to jump on other people. And if you can’t control your dog’s behavior so don’t worry because it can easily be controlled with PetSpy E-collars. And we will guide you how to use a shock collar to stop jumping at you and other people.

But before we start to use the E-collar to provide them the best treatment for their entire behavior, you must need to understand your dog’s temperament.

Why is the dog springing on people ?

There are several reasons why dogs do this, and some of the reasons are very easy to understand.

First and foremost, most of them are very excited to meet their favorite people when they return home, and you also can’t wait to spend your time with your dog and to play with them, and to provide all the love and attention they need from you.

Secondly, some dogs really wants human attention. For example, if they’re afraid of something, like when a storm came, they became so frightened and starts to jump in search of help.

It could also be the case that the dog wants to play. It is widespread to see dogs jumping during playtime, so if you are playing with your dog and he lunges at you, so it could mean that he still wants to play. After all he was not previously corrected for such behavior.

So not all jumps or all the behaviors needs to be corrected. But if you have to correct your dog’s negative jumps, try the PetSpy E-collar and follow the steps mentioned below.

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Get the dog to know the E-collar

Many new owners make mistakes using the E-collar on the dog immediately after buying it and test for a better stimulation level. As a consequence, the dog develops an aversion to the E-collar. More correctly, if you let your dog sniff the device and let them know the E-collar, only then you can easily put it on your dog’s neck. Make sure that the stimulation should be set at the lowest level. Then you can adjust your stimulation according to the dog’s reaction so it may not harm your dog and it will easily help you to complete your following goal.

How to stop the dog jumping at you

You can start the training once you are ready with the following above steps. When the dog starts to jump on you, all you need to do is push the remote button immediately to send the stimulation to your dog. After pushing the button it will start to show vibration or tone stimulation. You don’t need to hold the button for a very long time just tap the button once for 2 seconds.

Still if the dog doesn’t respond to this, the stimulation level should be increased and you need to repeat the process. At that time, the dog starts to understand that the stimulation only happens when he jumps on you so then he will usually stop jumping at you.

How to stop the dog jumping on other

If your dog is excited about meeting other people so it’s not bad you just need to start the above process to correct your dog’s behavior. The process will remain the same. Ask your friend for assistance. It would be helpful if you pressed the button to send the stimulation if your dog jumps on your friend. If your dog doesn’t respond immediately, increase the stimulation level until your dog conveys that it’s negative and should stop. When it is done correctly, your dog will stimulate others and will eventually stop jumping on them.

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Stubbornness is not a characteristic of dog

I totally disagree with the Guinness’s description for any other dog as “stubborn.” The term “stubborn” is judgmental and implies a malicious intention that the dogs cannot believe. I would like to describe them as persistent – a quality that we will probably admire.

Guinness states that you are too busy to give attention to your dog when you have to cook or have some other important work to do, you only give time to your dog when you are probably free from all work. When you try to read book, they barks and nips to remind you to must pay attention to them and not to read a book at that time, the only reason why dogs learn barking is because you only answer them when they bark. So that’s why they think that barking is the only solution from which they can gain your love and attention.

If we ignore their behavior that has been worked in the past, so it may result that the dogs often shows an explosion or a powerful exposition of their past behavior. They try very hard on their previously successful behavior. You avoid harm by tying it to a rope that helps you to ignore the extinction burst without being annoyed and rewarding the first glimpses of the desired conduct – calm and quiet.

Stop jumping with electronic collars

Finally, there is an electronic shock collar (e-collar). This type of collar is intended to frighten your dog and comes with a handheld remote that transmits a perfectly timed, mild, static electrical stimulation on your dog’s neck.

Many vets and professional trainers consider them one of the most effective, safe, and humane ways to correct the behavioral problems of dogs. Today’s e-collars have 127 levels of intensity by which you can perfectly match the correction level with the specific temperament of your short or tall dog.

The first rule of e-collars is to insert your dog correctly into the collar. Like people, dogs have different sensitivities, so the next thing you will need to do is to find the lowest stimulation your dog answers (get his attention).

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You need to choose the continuous function on your remote once you set the right stimulation level. This function produces a permanent static correction until you unlock the button which has a security feature with an 8 to 10-second of auto-shut-off. This is the major preferred training method for solving behavioral problems.

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It can also be the case, that when your dog starts to do the unwanted path, turn on the side one button and hold the button until the dog stops contacting you.

If the dog does not respond immediately, you may need to increase the stimulation level. He will probably learn very quickly that he must stop jumping on people to stop the annoying tapping pulse. This method can also answer that how a dog can prevent strangers, kitchen counters, tables, and furniture from springing up.

Then you need to teach your dog not to jump on people or things. Start giving outdoor training to your dog with both the flat collar and e-collar attached with a long lead.

As your friend approaches, sit on your seat and hold the button until the dog also sits. Repeat this process for a couple of time and give them a training session every day until your dog will completely learn about not to jump on others.

E-collar is the safest and quickest way to resolve all the behavioral problems. The electronic collar might be the most effective way to let your dog understand not to jump on you or any other person. E-collars should not be used for puppies less than six months and never use this collar to give punishment to your pet.

Electronic collars have many features, including tone and vibration adjustments so you can warn your dog if his current behavior doesn’t cease.

Final thoughts

Training your dog starts from a very young age. Its preferable to start there training when they are 8 week old puppies. This way there will be no need of collars , they usually adapt to the owners likings and grow old with these traits in them. So starting at an early stage is the number one priority , so that you wont have to search about “How to use a shock collar to stop jumping”.

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