How to Wash Plush Dog Toys With Squeakers

How to Wash Plush Dog Toys With Squeakers

It’s a subject, pet parents rarely consider, yet should – clean the dog’s toys. Unless you have a puppy that smashes his toys in a matter of minutes, there’s a good chance his favorite stuffed toy could have hidden infectious material, and his favorite rubber bone could be concealing some serious dirt and grime. In this article we will guide you about How to Wash Plush Dog Toys With Squeakers throughly.

Because dogs frequently use their tongues to play with their toys, it is critical to clean and disinfect them regularly. Not only to remove filth and grime but also to kill bacteria and other germs that flourish on slobber-covered, dragged-through-soil, tugged-on, chewed-on, and excessively adored toys. We will try to cover How to Wash Plush Dog Toys With Squeakers in detail in this article.

Cleaning the Toys of Your Dog

Numerous toys come with care and cleaning instructions, frequently printed directly on the toy or a tag. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and sanitizing instructions for dog toys whenever possible. In the absence of such instructions, use your best judgment in conjunction with the following guidelines:

1- Chew Toys Made of Rubber, Plastic, or Nylon

While you may be tempted to wash plastic, rubber, and nylon dog toys in the dishwasher, do so ONLY if the manufacturer specifies the toy is dishwasher safe. The scalding water and heat generated by a dishwasher’s drying cycle may compromise the toy’s structural integrity, causing it to lose shape and structure and release hazardous chemicals.

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Rather than that, hand wash these toys in a basin or bathtub using warm water and antibacterial dish detergent—clean crevices with a toothbrush or scrub brush to remove dirt and drool.

For very dirty, gunky toys, soak for approximately 15 minutes in a solution of one part vinegar to two parts water before washing with soap and water.

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Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow toys to dry completely before reintroducing them to your dog’s toy bin — take extra care with toys that may fill with water during the washing process.

2- Toys Made of Rope

As the soft, absorbent threads collect moisture and spit, rope toys can soon become a breeding ground for bacteria, mildew, and other diseases. Regrettably, these toys demand a different cleaning process than plastic or rubber toys.

Microwaving household products such as sponges and dishrags was shown to be an efficient approach for eradicating bacteria, mold, yeast, and other unpleasant stuff that grows in moist, chilly conditions, according to a recent study. For example, your dog’s rope toys – those that are entirely made of rope, without plastic rings, bones, or any other metal – may be cleaned fast and easily in the microwave. To disinfect rope toys, totally immerse them in water for approximately a minute, then microwave for about one minute to kill any living organisms contained within the toy.

Microwaving rope toys, of course, disinfects them but does little to prevent filth and grime buildup. Simply chuck these toys in the laundry to clean. They can also be dried in a dryer due to their durability and ability to be tugged and bitten.

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3- Cleaning Squeaky Plush Dog Toys

The simplest and most effective method is to throw them in the washing machine to clean plushies. Use a light detergent and replace the fabric softener with white vinegar. This will aid in the removal of soap residue during the rinse cycle, making the surface safer for your dogs to play on.

Remove the squeaker if it is removable before washing. Otherwise, have no fear! Stuffing should aid in its survival. If it does not, it is probably just waterlogged; compress it gently until it is revived.

While some may not be machine washable, most of the greatest plush dog toys are. Ensure that you inspect the label. If in doubt, soak and hand wash with a mild detergent.

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4- Cleaning Squeaky Dog Toys

The term “hard dog toys” refers to ones constructed of rubber or plastic. Due to their non-porous nature, they are quite easy to clean.

Generally, the best cleaning method is by hand using a mild soap and water solution. First, scrub with a sponge to remove all traces of filth. Then, air or towel-dry the item before reintroducing it to your dog.

You may also place them in the dishwasher. Use equal parts white vinegar and detergent in place of the detergent. Heat, water pressure, and acid will be sufficient to clean and sterilize the toys.

Take note that many inexpensive dog toys will melt in the dishwasher. As a result, it is critical to accomplish this only with high-quality toys.

How should squeaky toys be dried?

When drying, use a low heat cycle or hang it to dry in the sun. Excessive heat may cause damage to or even melt a plastic squeaker or other filler material. Once the toy is completely dry, inspect the squeaker for water. How to Wash Plush Dog Toys With Squeakers article also guides about drying the toys as well, so it is a complete go to spot for the reader.

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When Is It Appropriate to Throw a Toy?

You’ll want to inspect and analyze your dog’s toys regularly, and in some situations, it may be wiser to discard and replace them rather than attempt to clean or repair them.

You’ll know it’s time to discard a toy if it’s been excessively chewed and chomped, if it’s torn or tattered to the point where the stuffing is falling out, or if it has parts and pieces that are just beginning to fall or break off and could easily become a choking hazard or intestinal blockage if swallowed.


Therefore, before washing a squeaker dog toy, you should consult the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations tag.

You have two options when it comes to washing: either use a washing machine or do it yourself. Toys made of plush or rope are washed in the washing machine. Consider manually washing hard toys (plastic, rubber).

Additionally, you can vary your dog’s toys to ensure that they do not spend all of their time worrying about the same one. Along with being less likely to be destroyed as quickly by the relentless onslaught, your dog’s interest in the toys is likely to be increased as a result of their ‘newness.’ Dogs thrive on diversity, so you’ll not only safeguard your dog, but you’ll also increase their participation.

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Hope our article about ” How to Wash Plush Dog Toys With Squeakers ” has fully guided you about what process it needs to go through to be cleaned properly. If you have any suggestions do let us know so that we can include it to further satisfy the readers purpose.

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